Gifts for Hairstylists and Hair Enthusiasts

Posted by Sasha Kaleigh on Dec 2, 2016 4:34:12 PM

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If you know someone who takes hair care as serious as we do, why not get them a gift that celebrates good hair days all season long? We all know how tough it can be to find that perfect gift, especially for the hair enthusiasts (men and women) in your life. Whether you are looking for that perfect stylist gift to give them at your December appointment, or just want to give the beauty specialists in your life a unique gift, we've got you covered. From the perfect brush, to the must-have tools, to some fun "good hair days" clothing and storage accessories, we know that any cosmologist, stylist, or hair care expert will love.  We didn't just include gifts for hairstylists – anyone who dedicates serious time to their hair will love these hand-selected goodies.  Now let’s get started.     

We've selected the best tools that any hairdresser or dedicated hair fan needs to have in their collection. We know how much you all love your tools, so here's a few that would make great holiday gifts. Also, be sure to check out our social accounts on Monday (Facebook and Instagram) for a fun holiday giveaway that we are hosting that may feature some of the items you'll see below.


What to Buy a Hairstylist


The Yves Durif Brush ($65)

With claims as the ultimate detangler Yves Durif Brush great for wet hair, or dry. You can also use this handy brush when you are heat styling, as the glue-free design and comfortable handle are made to last, and withstand the heat. It comes in a gray velour pouch and makes a lovely gift for those who appreciate quality hair products. A great hair day starts with a great brush: This is one of those brushes. For short hair, long hair, naturally curly hair, this brush will help detangle and smooth the toughest hair, leaving it soft, and feeling great. Men will love this brush as well, as it makes hair appear fuller and more lustrous if used with the proper styling products and techniques. Made to last a lifetime this showpiece hair brush will be a proud member of your stylists or hair-loving friends' collection.


Classic Good Hair Day Kit ($199)

 They say "A good man is hard to find," maybe, but not as hard as a good straightener. How many of us have gone through many, hoping that we'll one day achieve that perfectly coifed, sleek, straight hair like our stylist always gives us? Well, among all the tools we could recommend for this gift guide, we took this recommendation quite seriously. That's why we chose this Classic Good Day Hair Kit to include as one of the top gifts to give the hair fanatics in your life (maybe someone with exceptionally kinky, hard-to-manage curly hair?). This straightener set from ghd (Good Hair Daily) is one that you'll find on catwalks, in the finest salons, and anywhere you find super straight hair. This set of hair essentials makes styling easy, with the classic, award-winning 1-inch slyer, heat protection spray, paddle brush, sectioning clips and a heat-resistant pouch that converts to a heat mat. If you know someone who has been extra good year this year, we are aware that this is the "we promise you many days of good hair" gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, and for a lifetime.


Anyone who truly wants to cherish and take care of their hair needs to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. At DS Laboratories, we take pride in our ingredients and have formulated some of the best hair care products out there. We couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t add our Nia Hydrating Shampoo and Nia Hydrating Conditioner to this list of gifts. We know anyone in your life would appreciate the Nia Shampoo and Conditioner (make them a set, they’ll love that).

Both the shampoo and conditioner feature state-of-the-art innovation from DS Laboratories in color and conditioning technology. We all know how damaging coloring your hair can be, it can lose its shine and texture, and let’s not talk about those split ends. The Nia hair care products make hair great again. We created Nia over years of research to repair and protect hair, and now you can give these amazing products to someone you love. With Nia, you give the gift of smooth, thick, beautifully manageable hair – no matter what heat, color, or product has done. Nia repairs hair, and leaves that salon-worthy smoothness every time you wash and condition. So go ahead, tell your friends to enjoy their new hair color, and get out those heated tools – with Nia, your hair will get through it, beautifully.


Tangle Teaser – The Original Detangler Brush ($15)

Our top pick for gifts under $25

If you love your hair as much as we think you do, you need to take the best care of it, right out of the shower. When hair is wet, it's prone to damage and breaking. Typical combs (or gasp! brushes) should never be used on wet, or even damp hair if you don't want to create more split ends. That's why we're adding this useful tool to our suggestions for gifts to give your hair-loving friends this holiday season. The Tangle Teezer is an innovative tool that painlessly and easily removes tangles and knots, and works on wet and dry hair. Formulated to detangle even the toughest of hair textures, the patented teeth formation bends and flexes throughout the hair without locking into tangles. It comes in many fashion-forward colors, and designs, and fits in the palm of your hand for maximum portability and use. Ideal for brushing through those deep conditioning treatments in the shower, or getting out the tangled mess your hair braids left in your hair all day. All Tangle Teezer products are designed and manufactured in Great Britain but are widely available here. An excellent, practical, beautiful gift – all for under $25. Santa would be so proud of you! 


Everyone is talking about the new Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, and we know why – it’s revolutionizing hair drying! We know how much you love those blowouts. Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if we could all afford the time and money to get professional, salon-quality blowouts every week?  The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer is state-of-the-art hair drying technology with intelligent heat control technology, a powerful tool that moves over 13 liters of air every second, and has a patented compact heating element which controls the heat, so you never get hair damage. And did we mention that it looks really cool as well?

Not only will the Dyson hairdryer get your hair salon-worthy six times faster, it’s a third of the weight of typical hair dryers, because Dyson was able to put the small, but powerful motor in the handle. It’s incredibly easy and light to handle, and with three magnetic attachments, you can control the airflow making this dryer great for tight curls, or smooth styles and all types of hair textures. With four heat settings, three airflow settings, a cold shot, and ionizer – this Dyson invention is a gift from the hair gods. If you want to give someone the gift of freshly-styled hair, then the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is the way to go.


The Dafini Original Straightening Ceramic Brush ($200)

Maybe this isn't the gift for the professional stylist in your life, but then again, maybe it is. It is for anyone who may want the ease and convenience of a brush that also straightens. We love the story behind this invention. Sharon Rabi, an engineering graduate, and mother, was dealing with a bad haircut. She wasn't a stylist and found the struggle to find tools to make her bad haircut good quite an effort. So she complained about her consecutive bad hair day to someone who might have a solution – her father, also an engineer. Together they invented The Dafini Original Straightening Brush, after three years of research and experiments. 

Many users love the Dafini, not just because it's an easy-to-use brush, but because you can straighten your hair 7x faster than the average flat iron. That means you can get straight hair in under 5 minutes, and a lot fewer sore forearms. [G65] [G66] The Dafini is not one of the cheaply made straightening brushes, but it does work. Users rave about how easy it is to use, and how fast they can get their hair straight. It heats up in under a minute, so you'll only be 60 seconds away from styling at any time. With its ease and portability, we recommend giving this to anyone who loves sleek looks, but might not have the skill, or commitment to invest in professional tools.


Books for Every Hair Enthusiast 

Books are such a great gift, especially for those stylists who have every tool, and hair-related gift already. We’ve picked two of the must-have books that we think anyone would love (hair-loving or not).


Me and My Hair, and I: Twenty-Seven Women Untangle an Obsession ($10)

This quirky collection of short stories about women and their hair is something we can all relate to – let’s face it, we all have bad hair days, good hair days, and hair can naturally become an obsession. The funny thing we discovered after reading these stories – hair might be the theme, but it’s really about life. Surprising insightful, humorous and relatable, the twenty-seven stories found in this book will take you on a journey throughout history, and the world. It’s a lot of fun, and makes a unusual, thoughtful gift for your stylist or friends. We recommend bringing a copy to your December hair appointment as that end-of-the-year thank you gift.

"A terrific read for those of us who obsess about our hair. Or those who live with those of us who do. A collection that’s, I dare say, a cut above the rest.” —Mary Morris, author of The Jazz Palace


 It’s Not Really About the Hair ($11)

Remember the hit Bravo show Tabatha’s Salon Takeover? Of course you do. Anyone whose as passionate about hair and business needs to write a book. So she did. It’s Not Really About the Hair is Tabatha Coffey’s acerbic, humorous look into the world of high-style transformations, styling hair, and salons. Known for her straight talk, and bitchy renovations, this book reveals a deeply personal side of Coffey that Bravo seemed to edit out. Yet with all the bravado and wit, we loved reading Coffey’s story – part coaching guide, part memoir, part inspirational story. It’s Not Really About the Hair will put a smile, then a smirk on any stylist face. In the end the message of her story is really this: embrace who you are, and let the world see your true beauty. Who doesn’t need more of that this holiday season?



Storage Solutions

 City Lights Heat Resistant Bag ($25)

  Many stylists need suitable storage solutions. We love this go-to staple of a bag that anyone with heated tools will grow to love, and depend on. This entire bag is created with the stylist in mind, as it sits flat on any accessories and tool table, and has many open pockets for ease of use, and quick pack up and go capabilities. This essential storage solution for anyone has been given rave reviews on amazon, and will fit easily in the back of any car, or backstage at a fashion show.


Personalized Toiletry and Styling Organzier ($40)


This personalized toiletry and styling organizer takes care of one of the biggest problems hair stylists have: clutter. With so many items, toiletries, tools and gadgets, they can quickly clutter anyone’s bathroom vanity, or styling countertops. The Personal Toiletry and Styling Organizer has handy compartments for hair dryers, styling lotions, gels, and straighteners. Three metal-lined compartments hold styling items, and a drawer keeps those odds and ends neat, and organized. It comes in a white color, and is made of wood and plastic and can be engraved and customized with your favorite stylists’ name, hair-related saying, or meme. Give the gift of a happy holiday, and a clutter-free existence. What can get better than that?


Just for Fun


Keep Calm and Let Me Do Your Hair Tote ($33) 

We’ve already recommended a heat-resistant bag that stylists will love, but we just couldn’t resist adding in this super fun tote to include on your gift-giving list. Made of durable 60D polycanvas, this tote will remind you to “Keep Calm and Let Me Do Your Hair” for many years to come. It’s a stunning modern bag, black with white contrast and fits many tools, accessories, and even some hair magazines for inspiration. The comfortable 21” handle allows you to lug around the tote, and its contents all the live long day. We know that any professional stylist would love this tote, but if you have a passionate part-time or amateur hair stylist in your life, this would make the perfect gift.


That Hair Though T-Shirt ($30)  

Last, but not least on our hair-lovers gift-giving guide is this super fun t-shirt. There are many hair-punned shirts out there, but we couldn’t resist this classic, modern one with its simple phrase, “That Hair Though”. The shirt literally speaks for itself, and says, “Yes. I love hair. My hair. Good hair days. Bad hair days. I love styling hair. Wearing my hair curly. Wearing it straight. Kinky curls, or loose ones. That Hair Though.

This looks great over leggings, and is a soft and flattering graphic tee with a scoop neckline, and shirttail hemline. With a slightly longer look, this flatters anyone who happens to love hair as much as we do, and looks great over leggings. a Makes a fun, suitable gift for your stylist, as well as any fashion-forward friend you may have. Available in a range of sizes, this white with black lettering t-shirt is a fun addition to any hair-lovers gift giving guide.

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