CONTINUUM has perfected the art of restructuring.

This new high-tech salon tool, service, or stand-alone treatment is ideal for a variety of applications. Use Continuum to repair damaged, over processed hair and as a tool to negate the detrimental effects of chemical processing. Apply in real time without the need to bump up the level of lightener or add time to the lightening process. Add to lightener and/or color and push the creative envelope into possibilities never before possible.


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In keeping with the DS Laboratories tradition of expanding the boundaries of science, we have created our own proprietary multi-molecular formula that literally transforms the hair strand.


Over processed hair becomes perfect; split or dry hair is revitalized; damage from coloring, lightening or chemical processing is repaired; color pops and balance is restored.


Hair is resilient to humidity, while curls or styling holds like you just walked out of the salon. Hair is internally restructured to be the best it has ever been.



Step 1: RO•MAXX | Quantum Creator | In Salon Treatment

Step 2: RO•ZEN | Quantum Optimizer | In Salon Treatment

Step 3: RO•TOPIA | Fractal Energizer | At Home Treatment

* Continuum is a professional-only product available exclusively through high-end salons.





  • Can be used as a tool or service
  • Revitalizes over processed, damaged hair
  • Rebuilds connections inside the cortical strand
  • Tightens & closes the cuticle (fixes both strands and ends)
  • Can be used with any lightener or color
  • Does not change consistency or texture of lightener
  • No need to bump up level of lightener
  • Does not increase lightening time
  • Stand alone treatment of extensions and wigs
  • Non-toxic, fragrance-free
  • Free of Sulphates, Silicone, DEA and Aldehydes


RO•MAXX is a revolutionary achievement in science. Using our own unique molecules, we are able to repair the damaged or broken connections within the cortical strands inside the hair shaft. The cuticle is tightened around the internal strands creating strength, separation and body.

RO•MAXX can be used as a stand-alone treatment for damaged, over processed hair in a variety of applications or can be mixed directly with lightener to negate the damaging effects of chemical treatments in real time.


No need to bump up the level of lightener or add extra time for lightening processes; no need to shampoo afterwards. RO•MAXX leaves hair healthier and stronger, inside and outside.




  • Follows the usage of RO•MAXX
  • Optimizes the salon treatment function
  • Smoothens the cuticle
  • Seals in color and creates shine
  • Leaves hair feeling soft, shiny, manageable and beautiful


RO•ZEN optimizes the salon treatment process of CONTINUUM. After using RO•ZEN, the hair has incredible brushability, separation, shine, and body. Color appears to ‘pop’ more and radiates longer. The cuticle is smooth and strong. RO•ZEN is the final step to a work of art.



  • Take home formula for consumer use
  • Used weekly to maintain hair between chemical treatments
  • Can be used as a stand-alone repair treatment
  • Leaves hair soft, revived, and manageable
  • Free of Sulphates, Silicone, DEA, and Aldehydes


The take home formulation of CONTINUUM keeps hair at its best between chemical processing or to use as a stand-alone repair treatment itself. RO•TOPIA provides the ultimate in home tool for your best hair.

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