Keramene use means less hair with fewer side effects from depilation.◊*

Keramene use means launching a bilateral attack against unwanted hair: 1) by inducing follicles to stop producing strands, and 2) by suppressing proliferation so remaining hairs appears slower.◊*

As easy as applying a moisturizer, using the hair inhibitor means you can depilate — shave, wax, burn, dissolve, or electrolyze hair — significantly less often, with fewer expensive treatments and less wasted time.◊*

It means fewer unsightly lesions and scars; less embarrassing redness and stubble. It means fewer painful nicks and ingrown hairs; less uncomfortable irritation and inflammation. It means fewer dangerous drug interactions and less bacterial infection.

For women who shaved their armpits and legs every day, Keramene meant cutting back to two or three times per week. For those who fought course stubbly hair, it meant finer softer fuzz.

For men who wrestle bear skin into bare skin — paying for back-waxing sessions or asking friends to assist — Keramene treatment means doffing their shirts any time without embarrassment.



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