Viterol.A® antiaging innovation to change the way you look at and use skincare◊*

The term "antiaging" refers to processes that slow down or reverse the aging process, something commonly claimed by consumer products. But an extensive evaluation of topical lotions, conducted by DS Laboratories, demonstrated no antiaging benefit from most brands that make such claims.

Many products actually accelerated the aging process by increasing cell turnover to reveal younger layers of skin.

Why? As defined by the Hayflick limit, each cell divides only a certain number of times before telomere damage causes them to fail. As cellular turnover accelerates and new layers of skin are exposed, this mechanism accelerates aging. Ironically, the modality is a standard employed by most cosmetics makers.

At DS Laboratories, however, we developed a radically different approach that slows down cellular proliferation instead of speeding it up. This newer technology provides antiaging benefits that compound over time, resulting in healthier looking skin and fewer visible signs of aging. ◊*

We are passionately committed to the research and development of products that make a significant impact on your health and well-being. Some of our best work is found in Viterol.A and it could be considered revolutionary: an antiaging product with an entirely new mechanism of action.◊*

When you want real results, Viterol.A is the way.◊*


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